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| Last number /April - May -June, 2022
Table of contents
Bataykin P.A., Zareznov D.A.
Politics and law as the basis for the formation of state socio-economic policy

Sternum S.I.
Identification of indicators for assessing the intangible capital of the region

Grudina S.I.
Intangible capital as a driver of regional socio-economic development

Salikhova R.R.
The influence of stochastic processes and synergetic effects on the formation of competitive advantages in domestic trade

Khmeleva G.A., Semenychev V.K., Korobetskaya A.A.
Model of the mechanism of increasing stability and the balance of spatial development

Zhang Dali, Kashbraziev R.V.
Organizational and financial conditions of cooperation between Russia and China
in high-tech industries

Shakirova A.I.
Insufficiently used management tool in the field of regional tourism (on the example of the Republic of Tatarstan)

Shlychkov V.V.
Intensification of sanctions pressure of the collective West – as the main factor of paradigm adjustment and transformation of the strategy of development of the Russian economy


Drygina A.A.
Non-lethal weapons, human rights and State practice: review of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights

Dunin O.N.
On the question of the existence of circumstances precluding the criminality of an act
not included in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

Dyatlova E.V., Yanglicheva Y.R.
Parsing and the law

Ivanov A.V.
Features of the production of separate examinations in the investigation of nonviolent sexual crimes against minors

Kobchikova E.V., Makarov T.G.
On the question of a legal entity in Roman law

Ryazanova M.N.
Legislative and individual regulation of the process of legal education of youth in modern conditions

Sytin A.V.
Participation of the population in the activities of local communities as a form of democratization of modern society (analysis of the French case)

Umoh Sito-obong Mikah
Application of international human rights law in Nigeria

Fayrushin V.I.
Labor relations involving underage athletes: topical issues

Khabibullin N.E.
Questions of individualization of punishment on the basis of mitigating
and aggravating circumstances characterizing the identity of the perpetrator

Khabibullin N.E., Talan M.V.
The identity of the perpetrator of the crime as a criterion for individualization of punishment in its appointment

Chulyukin L.D., Guryanova V.V., Isaev E.E.
Problems of procedural form

Chulyukin L.D., Kurnosova V.V.
Effectiveness of procedural rules of law

Yakhvarov S.D., Abdullin A.I.
Investments and capital investments: is identification appropriate in a legal context?


Belozerova I.A., Davityan M.G., Krikun E.V.
The phenomenon of student friendship (sociological aspect)

Kozyrev A.A., Shangareeva Z.S.
Health status in the formation of social well-being of pensioners

Komlev Yu.Yu.
Social control in the VUCA World and the "surveillance society": state, trends and ethical issues

Laptev A.V.
Directions of development of the system of additional education of children
in the Republic of Tatarstan

Nagimova A.M.. Yusupova V.S.
Corruption in healthcare as a negative social practice

Nemgirova S.N., Mantsaeva A.A.
Interethnic attitudes of the population of a multiethnic region

Nikonova E.I.
Russian youth in crisis: transformation of traditional values

Tikhonina S.A., Simonova M.O.
Representation of student youth about life success: the experience of sociological research

Fedoreeva V.S.
Consumer practices: the evolution of consumption

Khuramshina A.Z., Khuramshin I.G.
Physical culture and sports in the lifestyle of Kazan residents of different ages: results of sociological observation


Review articles

Kopalkina E.G., Iltakova N.V. The
Problem of reforming the employment service in modern conditions

Kostina K.V., Imamov A.A.
New legal instruments for the prevention of risks of harm (damage)
in the implementation of state regulation of entrepreneurial activity

Shamsutdinova I.I.
Socio-legal grounds for the transformation of the status and role of a university teacher
(on the example of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University)

The conference

Shchelkunov M.D.
The long-awaited forum of Russian philosophers

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12.00.08 – Criminal Law and Criminology; criminal executive law (legal sciences),
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22.00.00 Sociological sciences
22.00.03 – Economic Sociology and Demography (sociological sciences)

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