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Assessment of Quality of Services in Restaurant Business
Financial Autonomy as a Guarantee of Sustainable Development of a Municipal Financial Entity (as Exemplified by Kazan)
Assessment of Efficiency of Receivables Management as Exemplified by a Wholesale Trading Company of the Russian Federation
Implementation of Conception of Investment and Innovations Lift for Small Business in Modern Economic Situation
The Conditions of Neo-Industrialization of Russian Economy
Indicators of Competitiveness on the Market of Electronic Trade in the Russian Federation
Innovatization of Local Economic Systems of the Republic of Tatarstan
Development of the Information Service Market in the Context of Unstable State of the Market
Some Bases of Modelling of Production Development with the Account of Scenario Approach
Adaptation of the Method of Assessing the Enterprise Efficiency with the Application of Graphic Models for Building Enterprises
Analysis of Resource Efficiency and Assessment of Economic Activities of Commercial Entity
Assessment of Risks of Insurance Company for Management Decision Making
Discouraging Factors of Innovative Economic Growth in Russia
The Problems and Prospects of Development of Russian Agricultural Sector
The priority directions of investment at the enterprises of power industry
Application of Insurance in Tourism
Clustering of Investment Structures as a Form of Innovatization of Economic Systems
Prerequisites of Forming of National Leader in the Sphere of Machinery Technologies Engineering
Traditionalization and Innovatization of Modern Economic Systems
Assessment of Efficiency of Tax Authorities in Russia
From konkurentno capable economy to the effective state
Small business about a vector of social and economic development of economy of Russia: a look from the region
The Problems of Provision of Regional Market with Local Goods and Ways of Their Solution


The Problem of Defining the Attributes of Unfair Competition in the Sphere of Acquisition and Use of Exclusive Rights to the Means of Identification
Exercise of Dead Citizen’s Right to Burial
Theories of European Integration and Current Crisis of European Union
Prohibition of Abuse of Rights as a Limitation of Exercise of Labour Rights
Features contractual regulation of investment activity
Internal Legal Bases of Activities of Parliamentary Associations of the Russian Federation
Modern Tendencies in the Development of Mechanism of Civil Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights
Magna Carta Libertatum in the Framework of Russian Science: Origins of Research Traditions
Historical Justification of “Simple Adoption” in the Process of Evolution of Domestic Legal Thought in the Pre-Revolutionary Period
State Financial Control and Legal Responsibility
Features of criminal liability for murder at excess of the measures necessary for detention of the person who committed a crime (questions of application and improvement of the criminal law)
Goods Receipt in Transport Liabilities
Prevention of Socially Negative Phenomena Threatening the Population Health and Social Morality
Problems in Taking in Custody in the Russian Federation Code of the Criminal Procedure


Content-Analytical Research of Informal Labour Market
Information-Communication Competence: Sociological Analysis and Empirical Measurement
Information-Communication Activities as a Factor of Development of Personal Assets of Industrial Youth
Knowledge Societies as a social construct
Particularities of Forming of Human Assets in the Educational Environment of Energy Cluster
Drug Addiction and Narcotism in the Republic of Tatarstan
The Particularities of Establishment of Municipal Service as Professional Activities
Assessment of the Reforms of the Institution of Population Security
National Festival Sabantuy as an Element of Cultural Integration in Poly-Ethnic Region (Based on Materials of Tatarstan Print Media)
Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Tatarstan: the Challenges of Demography and Migration
The Factors of Reproductive Behavior of a Young Family: Orthodox Values
Training of the Humanitarians at Russian and German Universities:
the Similarities and Differences
Ways of Improvement of Professional Training and Socialization of Young Specialists of Energy Industry in the Republic of Tatarstan
 Social Portrait of Modern Enterprise (as Exemplified by OGPD «Nurlatneft»)


Congratulation on the twentieth anniversary of school of sciences of Professor M.P. Postalyuk "Traditions, innovations and investments in system of interaction of business, the power and society"


Light memory to R.V. Volkov

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January-February-March, 2015

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No. 13-6518 the " Review of Economy, the Law and Sociology" was included by the decision of Presidium of the Highest certifying commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of December 1, 2015 in the List of the conducting reviewed scientific magazines and editions in which the main scientific results of the thesis on competition of an academic degree of the doctor and candidate of science have to be published.

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