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| Submission Requirements of the Bulletin

1. Authors should submit for publication only previously unpublished materials – scientific (practical) articles, reviews (review papers) – corresponding to the topics of the magazine.

2. Main requirements to the content of the materials.

Scientific (practical) article. The introduction of the article should outline relevance of a subject and expediency of its development (the solution of a scientific problem or a task), and contain the aim of the research. The main body of the article should present the results of the research, methods of receiving results, statement of tasks and their solutions, necessary descriptions and explanations, proofs and justifications on the basis of the analysis and synthesis of information. The conclusion should contain the final result of the research, conclusions, recommendations and possible directions of further research.

General requirements.
Article has to meet the requirements stated below and should be carefully proof-read by the author, all quotes and links to sources and literature have to be verified.

3. Submission Guidelines:
Structure of the scientific article:

  • The UDC index should be specified.
  • The name of the article (has to correspond to the contents and whenever possible be short). Personal information about the authors, compilers and other persons:
    a) Family name, first name, middle name of the author, authors (in full);
    b) academic degree, academic status, position or profession, work place, contact information.
  • The maximum number of co-authors in one article can be 4 people.
  • The abstract (should state contents of article briefly; the abstract shouldn't repeat the name of article).
    Keywords (six – seven keywords).
  • The name of the article, initials and surname of the author, the abstract and keywords in English.
    Text of the article.
  • Bibliography.

The bibliography should contain the references to the sources and their list at the end of material (section "Works cited"). Thus, the author is responsible for reliability of data, accuracy of citing and links to official documents and other sources.

The submitted articles are reviewed according to the Provision on Reviewing Research Articles, and then are considered by Editorial Board. Based on the review, the Editorial board may recommend the author to revise the article. After corrections the author presents 1 an electronic copy and a hard copy to the editors.

The editors reserve the right not to consider articles not submitted following the above-stated rules.

The decision on accepting or declining the submission is made by the Editorial Board.
Materials are not returned.

Note. In case of the subsequent publication of the materials in other magazines the author has to make a reference to primary publication in the "Bulletin of Economy, Right and Sociology" magazine (issue, year).

4. Requirements to the author's original.

Author's originals are prepared on computer in Microsoft Word format (doc files). The text shouldn't be less than 7 pages in A 4 format, spacing 1,5 intervals, margins: left – 25 mm, right – 20 mm, indent – 0,8 cm (3 signs). The text is typed in 14 point Times New Roman type. The text is fully justified. Word transfers aren't allowed.

Formulas and alphabetic references in the text.
Formulas are typed in formula editor Microsoft Equation. Latin letters are typed in italics, letters of the Greek alphabet and Cyrillics are typed in direct type, matrixes and vectors – in direct semi-bold type.
Formulas are in the centre of the page. Number of a formula is put on the right. Only formula which have references are numbered.
It is recommended to adhere to international system of units SI while choosing units of measurement.

The text should contain the links to drawings and tables.
The tables should be in the text. It is obligatory to specify number of the table and its title. The text in tables is typed in12point  type, the heading is in semi-bold type.
Drawings can be inserted into the text, using only the editors compatible with the Word editor. The embedded illustrations have to be presented in the form of separate files (.bmp, .jpeg, .tiff) with the indication of number of drawing and the name of article.

The list of references is made in accordance GOST 7.0.5-2008 "The System of Standards Concerning Information, Library and Publishing. Bibliographic Link. The General Requirements and Rules of Compilations" and is given at the end of article as citing. Intratextual references to the works included in the list of references are given in square brackets with the indication of number of a source in the list and number of the page.
For example [1], [1, p. 5].

5. Submission of materials to the editors.

  • The text of article is submitted to the editors in one copy with attachment of the file in electronic form.
  • The first page of the submitted article has to be signed by the author (authors). Also there has to be a remark of the author (authors) that this article is original and earlier wasn't published anywhere.
  • Information on each author (Appendix 1) is attached to article on a single sheet:
    a) surname, name, middle name (completely);
    b) academic degree, academic status;
    c) work place, position;
    d) specialty (a code and the name by classification of VAK);
    e) contact requisites (office and home telephone number, e-mail address);
    f) the postal address (with an index);
    g) biographical data are signed by the author (authors).
  • The signed rules of the submission – only at the first submission or at the change of rules of the submission.
  • Photo of the author (authors) in electronic format on a light background.
  • The certified review / the expert opinion on possibility of publishing of the article.

Note. If the copy of material is sent by mail or brought to the editors it is necessary to present (to deliver) the electronic version of material on a magnetic data carrier (it is sent to the e-mail of the magazine).

The submission is not accepted without the consent of the author with submission rules and without following these rules.

  • For graduate students in the magazine there is a quota allowing to publish the materials on a grant basis.

6. Publication cost.

1 page (in the Word format) – 750 rub.
Article has to be not less than 7 pages in size.


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